FSC® certificate for Huhtamaki Molded Fiber Packaging

Huhtamaki is one of the first organizations within the worldwide molded fiber industry that succeeded to receive the FSC recognition.

Green is the current trend among consumers.
Produced in Europe, the Molded Fiber packaging products have borne the international recognized FSC logo since early 2013. This is a feature your customers are happy to see. This is why we attach a great deal of value to the FSC logo on our packaging products; this helps you stand out even more in the market.

Responsible forestry management

The international, independent FSC certificate offers the guarantee that raw materials used for wood and paper products originate from forests that are managed responsibly, with all of the necessary attention for man and the animals that depend on these forests. FSC has several on-product labels, FSC 100%, FSC Mix and FSC Recycled, these provide you information on the FSC status of the product, e.g. share of FSC certified material and whether produced with material from recycled or other controlled sources.

Recycling as a formidable base

Recycling is the basis of our sustainable molded fiber packaging materials. By applying 100% recycled paper, Huhtamaki Molded Fiber products reduce the pressure on the exploitation of our virgin forests. Thanks to advanced recycling processes, we can reduce the amount of waste we produce. Indirectly this results in water and energy savings.

FSC Mix and FSC Recycled. These labels apply to a broad range of Huhtamaki Molded Fiber products.

A significant amount of our Molded Fiber packaging bears the FSC certificate. The scope of the certification allows us to supply FSC Mix and FSC Recycled products.

FSC Recycled label

Huhtamaki Molded Fiber packaging materials are guaranteed to be produced from 100% recycled paper, and are 100% recyclable again after use. You will find the FSC Recycled label on the following products:

  • All molded Fiber Egg Cartons (unlabelled) and Egg Trays
  • Total range of our vegetable and fruit packaging products
  • All protective packaging products including our Bottle Divider  products
  • Our 2 and 4 Cup Carriers.

FSC Mix label

FSC Mix applies to all Huhtamaki Molded Fiber labelled packaging products, such as many of our egg cartons. The FSC Mix label offers you the guarantee that these products:

  • Are manufactured from 100% recycled paper
  • Have labels that are also made using FSC certified paper

You will find the FSC Mix logo on the following products:  

  • All Molded Fiber Egg Cartons with a label
  • All other packaging products that come with a label