Management systems

Molded fiber solutions according to the highest standards

Our customers' preferences are our most important standards. The result is molded fiber packaging solutions that contribute to efficiency and profitability. Working closely with our customers, we take responsibility for ensuring sustainable solutions. This commitment to sustainability and renewable resources is embedded in our quality systems and production processes. Our molded pulp production locations all over the world adhere to the highest possible standards of sustainability, quality, hygiene, health and safety.

ISO 9001/ SABS 9001 (Quality)

Sustainability and corporate social responsibility are not casual concepts that can be abandoned if they become inconvenient. Our quality management system ensures that we and our suppliers operate in compliance with international laws, rules, ethical standards and environmental regulations. Our molded fiber production locations are all ISO 9001 certified.

ISO 14001 (Environment)

Appropriate care and responsibility for the environment we live in. Sustainable solutions for every link in the chain. Innovative recycling technology. Our customers are assured of molded fiber packaging solutions that comply with the highest attainable standards of sustainability. Our management procedures are ISO 14001 compliant. We constantly seek out improvement opportunities that benefit the environment.

BRC-IoP (Hygiene)

This hygiene certificate of the British Retail Consortium Institute of Packaging (BRC-IoP) has been obtained by almost all Huhtamaki Molded Fiber sites. This international standard is in line with the HACCP hygiene code, but was introduced specifically for the packaging industry. This certificate enables Huhtamaki to guarantee to its customers that it works with due care where hygiene is concerned.

OHSAS 18001 (Health and Safety)

To improve the health and safety conditions in production, well functioning procedures are needed.
Huhtamaki Molded Fiber is establishing systems according to Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series (OHSAS 18001).

These certifications indicate that Huhtamaki is always looking for possibilities to improve the working process, to aim at an even better efficiency and to find other ways to reduce the disadvantageous environmental effects.

Huhtamaki Molded Fiber will conduct its business in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations and in accordance with its ethical and societal responsibilities. As an industry leader, HMF is keen to co-operate with public, governmental and industrial organizations, both at national and international level, to develop effective and balanced environmental standards and modes of operation.